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Extra Parameters

In order to add extra parameters in the query string of the URL that you have access to in the Login method of your Authorization Server, you should add an extra parameter to the userManager constructor. 

So, this parameter should have this kind of interface: 

  extraQueryParams: Record<string, string | number | boolean>

A real example would look something like this: 

  import { UserManager } from "oidc-react";
  userManager = new UserManager({
  (...your user manager settings parameters),
  extraQueryParams: {
  yourParamKeyName: yourParamKeyValue


After you add this parameter, you can see that the login page URL holds also yourParamKeyName & yourParamKeyValue as query params. 

Please note: Accepted extra param key name currently is an "action" if this parameter can contain one of the following values: 

  • Register - if you want to send user to register page

  • ForgotPassword - if you want to send user to forgot password page

  • Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple ... (or any of the available EP names) - If you want to login user using External Providers