Manage Devices

Porta offers end-users the option to manage the devices they have accessed their account with. Users are able to see the devices with account access including computers, phones, and other devices where they are or were signed in to their Porta account. 

Review devices

Users can view their devices by selecting ‘Security’ on the left navigation panel and then selecting the ‘Manage Devices’ option. Under Manage Devices, users will see devices where they’re currently signed in to their Porta Account or have been  in the last few weeks. For more details, users can select a specific device. Devices where the user has signed out will have a “Signed out” indication. Under the Details view users are able to see the device they have signed in with, first sign-in date, the Operating System version, the Browser they are signed in on, and their Recent Activity denoting the city, country and last sign-in. The times listed on the page represent the last time there was communication between the device and Porta’s systems, at each location. This communication can include:

  • User actions, like when a user uses their account

  • Automatic syncing that happens in the background between a service and Porta

Therefore, users might see a time which is more recent than when they last used the device.

In some cases, one might see sessions instead of individual devices. A session is a period of time during which the user signed in to their Porta Account from a browser, app, or service on the device. It’s normal to have multiple sessions on the same device. A separate session can be created on the device when:

  • A user signs in on a new device

  • A user re-enters their password to verify it’s them

  • A user signs in on a new browser, app, or service

  • A user grants an app access to their account data

  • A user signs in on an incognito or private browser window

For user’s security, the page will display each session, to allow users to review its details and sign out of it if they’re not sure it’s theirs. 


Please note that it is possible to view the device type rather than the specific name of the device. E.g. an iPhone 14 device would be displayed as ‘Mobile’ with information about the operating system.

Sign out on a device users no longer use

To help users keep their account secure, they can sign out on devices that:

  • Are lost or the user no longer owns

  • Don’t belong to the user

To sign out from a device, users can select the ‘Sign Out’ option whereby access to their account will be removed from the device. Users can always login again to the said device. Please note that it is not possible to log out from the device the user is accessing their account at the time of viewing the ‘Manage Devices’ section.

When signing out of a device, users will no longer be able to make changes to their profile. If multiple sessions appear with the same device name, they could all come from the same device or multiple devices. If one wants to make sure there’s no account access from a device, they can sign out of all the sessions with this device name.

Please note, when a user signs out from a device, they might still be able to view their account on said device. However, they can no longer update their profile information, change their password or the security settings associated with their account.