Release 1

A representation of new additional features and improvements that have been implemented in Porta.

New Features

Porta Dashboard

The Porta Dashboard page summarizes vital data about your user’s authentication or authorization activities in your applications. It includes information on active users, registrations, active users by country, and activity using social logins. Data on authentication activities are presented in graphs and map overviews with possibilities to select custom date ranges.


For Porta clients serving end-users who speak languages other than English, localization simplifies the process of translating the default English source text during the end-user’s interactions with their login and account experience. Porta provides a list of languages that administrators can choose to make available to their end-users and the possibility to edit the language keys directly from the Porta admin

Manage MFA methods via Admin

Porta helps administrators manage users' MFA methods by allowing them to reset all user’s MFA methods or turn them off individually so that end-users are not required to enter their second factor of authentication. It assists administrators to support customers during interactions with their accounts.

General Improvements

  1. Upgraded Framework version for speed improvements, enhanced user performance improvements to minimize delays during redirects.

  2. Added URL Shortener Module to decrease character numbers on links containing information on social media sharing, branding, marketing, and ability to track performance.

  3. Improved Notification messages text for more readability and context for better understanding and user experience.

  4. Added validations on data, e.g., profile image size and format limitations for better management.

  5. Improved search performance on Users List View in Porta Admin to ensure the results are returned quickly and are relevant to the search.

  6. Added Search by first name and last name for users in the Porta Admin.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed generated authenticator QR Code when the user turns it off.

  2. Change storage of the retrieved image URL to Porta Storage Service.

  3. Fixed authentication settings when changing or setting a new password.

  4. Set localizations keys for missing translations.