Creating your Porta Account

Let’s start by creating an account in Porta.


To create an account in Porta go to the Register page to fill the information that is required regarding the account creation. First, fill the First Name field with your first name, then go ahead with your last name in the Last Name field. After that fill the Email field with an e-mail address of choice and make sure to create a strong Password for better account security and protection.When creating an account, please check Porta’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Once done with that, to create an account agree to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, then go ahead and click the Register button.

Once Register is clicked, the page will redirect to Porta’s Login page with a little message, “Verification email sent. Please check your email”.

After the account creation, Porta requires a verification via the email address. To do that, go ahead and proceed to the email address you registered with and verify the account.

Minor's Registration

If enabled, minor registration prompts users to state whether they are over or under 16. All users under 16 require parent/guardian consent before their registration is completed and they can use their account.

On click of Register, the registration form is displayed which asks the user if they are older than 16. The user may click on “Yes” or “No”.

If the user clicks on “No”, an input field for the parent/guardian’s email address is displayed. The user cannot complete the registration without entering the parent/guardian’s email address.

After entering the email address and clicking on Register, an email address is sent to the parent/guardian to confirm that they are approving the registration. The parent/guardian has 30 days from the date that the email is sent to verify the minor’s registration. The minor’s registration is not completed and they may not use their account before this approval. 

The parent/guardian approves the registration through the email that was sent by clicking on the “Confirm Registration for this email address” link. A verification email will then be sent to the minor’s email address. After verifying their email address, they may access their account.

Verify Email

After opening the email you registered with, check the Inbox about the Porta Verification Email, if you struggle to find it please check the Spam section as well.

To verify your Porta Account, go ahead and click the Confirm your account button, once that is done the page will be redirected to the Porta Login page, a small message will be displayed above the login form.

Now, go ahead and log in with the created account.

Forgot Password

Note that if you ever forget the account’s password, just click the Forgot password? Option and a new page will appear.

To reset the account’s password, go ahead and fill the Email field with the email the account was created. Once that is done, go ahead and click Send reset instructions and check for the received email from Porta to reset your password.

To reset the password, go ahead and click the Reset your password button, on click the page will be redirected to the Reset Password page.

Go ahead and type your new password, confirm it and then click Reset password. On click, the password will be set to the just new one and the page will be redirected to the login page. Go on and log in.

External Providers

That is not all Porta offers, creating an account “traditionally” can sometimes be irritating, but what does Porta offer in that field you might ask? Great question! Creating an account in Porta can be easier than anything, you can use any of the social providers that Porta offers to register or log in, if you use any of the following social providers, the process of creating an account can be simplified in one or two steps.

With just one click on any of the social providers, you can use that specific social provider to create your Porta account or log in with it. Porta will ask to retrieve information such as the full name, email, profile image from that specific social provider. To use a social provider, all that is needed to be done is to click one of the social providers, e.g. Google, and then select the account that you want to be registered or logged in with.

Once you select the account you want to register or log in to Porta, click that specific account, and the page will redirect you to the Porta Account.

When creating an account with a social provider, each time you log in to your Porta Account, you will have to use that specific social provider or when logged in you can set a password by going to the Security section.

Set a password and you’re all good to go. Now you can log in via the Social Provider you registered with and you can also log in with your newly set Password.