Get Started

A brief introduction about Porta and how to start using it.

Welcome to Porta! If you are new to Porta, you are in the right place. Here we will cover how to get started using Porta.

There are only a few steps you have to complete to start using Porta.

  1. Register any application (written in any language or on any stack) to your Porta Dashboard. The Porta Dashboard is where you manage all aspects of your applications’ configuration with Porta.

  2. Based on your app’s technology, choose one of Porta’s SDKs (or call our APIs), and hook it up to your app. Each time a user tries to authenticate, Porta will verify their identity and send the required information back to your app. You can also register a custom API and configure the tokens, role-based access control (RBAC), and other access settings and permissions.

  3. Configure how your apps and APIs work together to optimize how you authenticate and authorize your users.

  4. Deploy your configuration.