Delayed Confirmation Registration

Porta now offers publishers the option to enable a delayed confirmation registration process in which users, when creating an account, are not required to confirm their account immediately upon registration. Instead, they are given the option to confirm their account at a later time, after they have had the opportunity to explore the service and see if they want to use it. Delayed confirmation registration can be beneficial for both users and publishers. For users, it allows them to try out a service immediately without friction. For businesses, it can help to increase conversions by maintaining users within the flow of whatever they are doing on the site, without interruptions

How it works?

Porta provides the option for users to login without confirming their account first. In such cases, users may login right after registering and be allowed to use the application without confirming their account for a certain period of time.

On Register, the user is logged in to their account immediately and is sent an email containing the link to verify their email. The user will remain logged in depending on the application configurations and have 7-day limited access to their account.

If the user email is not confirmed - the user cannot delete their data, set up Two-factor authentication - Email verification, and set up a recovery email. These features are disabled on My Account.

A notification, prompting user to confirm their account is displayed on My Account as below:

Resend registration confirmation email via My Account

The Resend button is a link which on click resends the email to confirm account registration. Every time a new email is sent, the link on the previous email expires.

If the 7-day delay period is over and the user still has not confirmed their email, the user is logged out. They will be shown a notification message to resend the email for email verification.

The user can no longer login unless they confirm their email. On click of the Resend link, a new email is sent to the user's email address, and the email confirmation link in the previous email expires.