Release 1.1

New Features

Contact Support

Added the ‘contact’ option under user’s account so that users can request any information by sending a message to the support email entered under ‘Organization Details’ in the Porta Admin. For more information, please refer to:

Minor's Registration

Updated the flow of minor’s account creation. On registration, when users who claim are minors (i.e. choose under 16 option) they will be prompted to enter their guardian’s email address. Upon confirmation from the guardian, the user will receive a confirmation email to confirm their account. For more information, please refer to:

Manage User Data Deletion

Porta allows the administrator to manage how the information will be received when a user requests to delete their data, so that it will be compliant with the user’s request across the application(s). Two options are available including receiving information via email or to an Endpoint URL.For more information: please refer to:

Identifier First Authentication

Porta offers an alternative flow to authenticate users. Identifier First Authentication Flow, when enabled, prompts users for their identifier and authentication method in two separate steps. For example, users will enter their email first, click next, and then enter their password.

For more information, please refer to:

Account Recovery

If users forget the email address they used to register they will have the option to enter their recovery email address in order to retrieve access to their account using the recovery email. 

For more information, please refer to:

Subscriptions and Payments

Subscriptions and Payments integration with Tonos allows users to view and manage their subscriptions along with a history of payments they have completed.

General Improvements:
  • Updated the Data Deletion Flow. When users request that their account is deleted they will receive an email to confirm they wish to delete their account. Their account will be deleted within a 30 day period whereby the user will receive a confirmation email of the deletion.

  • Updated the Porta Admin user interface and experience. Application settings are now separated via tabs to provide a hierarchy of information which should guide the user when adding and managing application settings.

  • Updated consent/permissions window that is displayed to users when the ‘Require Consent’ option in the admin is set to True.

  • Removed the redirect for applications that are native mobile apps which removes the invalid address error.

  • Enabled domain blacklisting. Users will not be able to register with blacklisted domains and will view an error message informing them that they must use a different domain.