Release 1.2

Manage Devices

Porta offers end-users the option to manage the devices they have accessed their account with. Users are able to see the devices with account access including computers, phones, and other devices where they are or were signed in to their Porta account. Please see a more detailed overview of Devices here. Additional information can be found here.

Applications and Services

Users will now be able to view all the applications and services with which they can use their account. You as an administrator can choose which applications to display to the users and in what order. Please see a more detailed overview here.

Authorized Applications and Permissions

Under Authorized Applications, the administrator is able to view on which applications the user has authorized access including the name of the application, date when the access was first initiated, expiration, the identity grants user gave permission to the application. In addition, an administrator is able to ‘Revoke Access’ to each application whereby the user will be signed out from the application. Users will be able to see these ‘Permissions’ under their account and have the option to ‘Revoke Access’ to an individual application whereby they will be signed out from that application. Please see additional information here.

Direct Links

Porta now allows for added flexibility in configuring the flow of the authentication experience. It is possible to redirect user to the registration, forgot password pages, and log them in via external providers without requiring that the user visit the login page first. Please see additional information on the implementation process here.

General Updates and Improvements

  • Changed the order of the social logins so they are displayed on the top of the page and made other style changes in the user interface for the login, registration, and other views.

  • Updated the behavior so that if the user is already logged in but redirected to the registration screen, they are redirected to the application as already authenticated users.

  • Updated the role ‘Editor: Specific Apps’ by adding permissions to add a new application, create and view API scopes and resources.

  • Added the option to view from which application a user has registered from under User Details.

  • Added loaders for buttons on various pages such as login, registration, and reset password.

  • Added logs for various events and actions taken by users.

  • Added a tab ‘User Consents’ which allows administrators to view the date when the user gave their consent to the Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy as set under ‘Settings’ in the Porta Admin, along with information on the IP Address and Browser Agent.

  • Fixed an issue with the two-factor authentication setup where the ‘Don’t ask again on this device’ did not reset and remained enabled even if the user disabled two-factor authentication and then re-enabled 2FA.